Memorial Scholarships

"The key to the future of trapping is through education."


Michael Abrahamson Memorial Scholarship

Name of Scholarship: Wisconsin Trappers Association Michael Abrahamson Memorial Scholarship
Amount: $500.00
Month/year of graduation from High School: Any year
Grade point average required: 3.0 overall or B maintained at time of application
Financial need: Will be considered
Intended career and/or major: Must be pursuing a career in a Wildlife-related science, such as biology, botany, natural resources, etc. and not a physical science like chemistry or physics.
Intended school: Any accredited four year college or university, or a two-year campus which is part of a larger system or accredited technical college.
Personal characteristics: The W.T.A. is looking for a student who is successful in life, who has developed a strong sense of discipline, an ability to lead and motivate others, and possess a well rounded character. They must be selfless of their time and talent to others. These are some of the characteristics Michael Abrahamson exhibited.
Work history: Will be considered
Extra-curricular activities: Will be considered
Full or part time student: Minimum of 12 credits per semester
Time limit for use of money: Must be used within one year of the annual Wisconsin Trappers Association Spring Meeting in March.
Schedule of payment: $500 upon completion of first semester and proof of registration for second semester and evidence of a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

​Eligibility if other scholarships are received: May be awarded regardless of other scholarships.
Naming of alternate by Selection Committee: If recipient decides not to go to college, the money will be awarded to an alternate.
Other information: The Wisconsin Trappers Association is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to:
- Conserving Wisconsin’s Fur Resources
- Preserving Trappers’ Rights
- Educating Trappers
- Increasing Public Awareness of Trapping Issues and Benefits
- Continuing Our Fur Trade Heritage
Preferences: Preferences will be given to applicants whose parents/guardians have been and are currently members of the Wisconsin Trappers Association.

Students may get more information or application by writing to the Michael Abrahamson Scholarship Committee Chairperson at:
Junior Prudlick
P.O. Box 505
Strum WI. 54770-0505

District 10 Scholarship

This scholarship is to support students entering the field of wildlife management whose career goals and/or research are in direct or indirect support of sound furbearer management.
Award: $500.00 Application Deadline: August 15. Award notification will occur on or before September 15.
- Graduate students, post-graduate students or undergraduates who will have junior status in the fall.
- Applicants must be attending an accredited four-year college, a two-year campus that is part of a larger college or University, or an accredited technical college.
- Applicants must be pursuing a degree or research project in natural resource management or a closely related field.
- The award can be used for direct payment of tuition or in support of a mentored research project.
Application Process must include:
- Complete General Information Form (below)
- Official College Transcript
- One Letter of Recommendation from a professor in your field
- Resume or CV highlighting activities pertinent to your field of study (2 page maximum)
- Essay (2 single spaced pages maximum)
Undergraduate Applicants: Briefly, describe your career goals after graduation, and how they relate to natural resource management and/or furbearer management? In other words, why should you receive this award? Please be specific.
Graduate Students: Briefly describe your research project, and how it relates to management of natural resources and/or furbearer management, and how the award will be used. Please be specific Include supporting information about other sources of funding and contact information for your research mentor (e.g. professor). Graduate students receiving the award will be required to provide a 250-word abstract of their research findings for publication in the WTA District 10 newsletter and acknowledge the award in any publication supported by this award. 


Mike Abrahamson Scholarship Application (pdf)


Dist 10 Scholarship Application (pdf)